The Classics electrically conductive RFI gaskets

Homogenous Gaskets

stanzdichtung rechteckdichtung platzhalter

The material for manufacturing disk, punch and rectangular strip gaskets is homogenous conductive, water, gas and pressure-sealed. Sealing foils can be manufactured up to a minimum strength of 0.15 mm. Typical application fields are casing, flange and connector gaskets etc.

The material properties for individual use can be found in the following table.

Material description

line homogene_beispiele homogene_dichtungen_1 homogene_dichtungen_2 homogene_dichtungen_3

elastomer binder siliconesiliconesiliconesiliconesilicone
conductive particles nickelAg/glassAg/CuAg/AlAg
density DIN 53479 Ag/cm³3,51,83,61,73,7
Shore-A hardness DIN 53505+/- 66872647062
volume resistance VDE 0303Ohm cm0,10,020,0080,080,01
temperature range°C-55/+200-55/+200-55/+125-55/+160-55/+200
elongation at break DIN 53504-S1%7510512577106
tear strength DIN 53504-S1N/mm²1,31,21,81,51,1
tearing resistance ASTM D624BN/mm3,72,93,33,02,2
compression set DIN 5351770h @ 100°C< 40< 30< 32< 30< 42
colour blackbeigebeigegraybeige
shielding effectiveness dB:      
H-field 10 KHz 7260676069
E-field   1 MHz 115100130100130
P-field   1 GHz 859011090110
recommended conductive adhesives      
2-component adhesiveNEUSILK80K81K82 K84
1-component adhesiveNEUSILK180K181K182K183K184
1-component adhesiveNEUSIL  K682  
producible materials      
disk yesyesyesyesyes
rectangular strip yesyesyesyesyes
punched gaskets yesyesyesyesyes
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