The Classics electrically conductive RFI gaskets


Besides the „Form In Place“- gaskets, the classic gaskets are an alternative well worth considering because of their low purchase price. Apart from the solid material gaskets, they normally consist of a soft silicone or foam core and an outer skin made from silicone or metal knit. Elementary fabrication, good compressibility as well as the compensation of tolerances are the most important features of these gaskets.
They are applied in the field of housing, cover and flange gaskets.

Homogenous Gaskets
Punched gaskets and rectangular cord gaskets are manufactured on the basis of
NEUSIL - electrically conductive homogenous silicone elastomers.
They are homogenous conductive, water, gas and pressure-resistant. Sealing foils can be manufactured up to a strength of 0.15 mm. We will design your individual tools for punched gaskets and produce your gaskets in series. Rectangular strips are manufactured according to customer specifications or with a maximum length of 1,60 m.

Coated Gaskets
If high demands are made on the soft and elastic behaviour of gaskets, one has to ensure easy assembly. If gaskets are to compensate casing tolerances, sealing strips are manufactured on the basis of
NEUSIL - electrically conductive coated silicone elastomers.
An extensive standard program with foam, tube and solid round strips as well as products made according to customer specifications compliment our offer.

Knitted Products
If chemical and heat resistance are required, the gasket may not degas. If air permeability and a low directional force are required, we will manufacture your round strips and rectangular strips gaskets from
NEU-STRIC - solid metal knit.
If long-term stability, good deformability with a high direction force are the selection criteria, we will manufacture the gasket strip from
NEU-STRIC - metal knit covered elastomer


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