The Classics electrically conductive RFI gaskets

Coated Foam Rectangular Strip

The easily assembled foam square cord made of electrically conductive coated silicone elastomer is soft and elastic and has good Compression set on. The extensive standard program is quickly available in endless production lengths by the meter. Customized lengths and cross-section assemblies are manufactured for you.
Also available on one side self-adhesive.

Typical application fields are housing gaskets etc.

Standard Dimensions


 Coating: standard:  1442, electrically conductive
Core: silicone foam, non electrically conductive

Item-no. 1A B tolerance
A + B
N-xxxx-SS-Re-2,0-3,02,03,0± 0,35
N-xxxx-SS-Re-3,0-3,03,03,0± 0,35
N-xxxx-SS-Re-3,0-5,03,05,0± 0,35
N-xxxx-SS-Re-3,0-6,03,06,0± 0,35
N-xxxx-SS-Re-3,0-7,03,07,0± 0,35
N-xxxx-SS-Re-3,0-8,03,08,0± 0,45
N-xxxx-SS-Re-3,0-10,03,010,0± 0,50
N-xxxx-SS-Re-4,0-4,04,04,0± 0,35
N-xxxx-SS-Re-4,0-8,04,08,0± 0,45
N-xxxx-SS-Re-5,0-5,05,05,0± 0,45
N-xxxx-SS-Re-5,0-10,05,010,0± 0,50
N-xxxx-SS-Re-6,0-6,06,06,0± 0,45
N-xxxx-SS-Re-6,0-10,06,010,0± 0,50
N-xxxx-SS-Re-7,0-12,07,012,0± 0,60
N-xxxx-SS-Re-7,0-14,07,014,0± 0,75
N-xxxx-SS-Re-8,0-8,08,08,0± 0,45

with and without self-adhesive on one side  

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