The Classics electrically conductive RFI gaskets

Knitted Gaskets

platzhalter gestrickrunddichtung

platzhalter rechteckdichtung

Knitted metal wire shielding strips are available in a large number of materials and a vast range of cross sections. The solid wire knitted strip is almost as elastic as the knit-covered elastomer strip. The knit-covered elastomeres like neoprene sponge rubber cords, silicone foams and tubes combine outstanding compressibility with the conductivity of knit metal wires. These gaskets are an ideal contact material in order to establish conductivity between a rack and a removable cover. The knitted strips ensure continuous and complete shielding.
They are recommended for contacts that are not often interrupted but not as weather seals.

Material description


gestrick_beispiele gestrick_dichtungen_1 gestrick_dichtungen_2 gestrick_dichtungen_3

wire specifications:wire diameter
wire tolerance
tensile strenghtyield strength
V2A-steel (1.4301)0,114± 0,003650-950 N/mm2290-450 N/mm2
Monel (2.4360)0,114± 0,003500-600 N/mm2200-350 N/mm2
aluminum 99,50,13± 0,003500-600 N/mm2200-350 N/mm2
manufacturing tolerances:    
for sizes up to 5 mm ± 0,4 mm  
for sizes up to 10 mm ± 0,5 mm  
for sizes over 10 mm ± 0,7 mm 


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