The Classics electrically conductive RFI gaskets

coated combination gasket with corrosion protection

kombidichtung platzhalter

The easily assembled combi-cords made of electrically conductive coated tube, foam, solid material and uncoated tube, foam, solid material, are soft and elastic and have good compression set. The extensive standard program is available in endless production lengths in meters. Customized lengths and cross-section assemblies are manufactured for you.

Typical application fields are housing gaskets etc.



The electrically conductive coated cords made of tube, foam or solid material can be combined with the corrosion protection of uncoated tube, foam or solid material! For their individual application, they choose the material of the coating, the material for the core and its dimensions (diameter) as well as the material and its dimensions for corrosion protection for the electrically conductive coated cords. Links to the material properties can be found at the bottom of this page.


Here are some examples:

left - with NEUSIL™ 1442 coated tube
combined with foam round strip

middle - with NEUSIL™ 1440 coated foam
combined with foam round strip

right - with NEUSIL™ 1443 coated foam
combined with solid material round strip

Start the animation to clarify the combinability.

For an enlarged view please click on the respective picture.


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