The Classics electrically conductive RFI gaskets

Coated Gaskets

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The easy to install round cords made from conductive coated silicone are especially soft and elastic and feature good compression sets. The extensive standard program is readily available in endless lengths as yard goods. We can We can also manufacture customer-specific lengths, cross-section designs as well as pasted O-rings for you.
The typical application fields are rack gaskets etc.

Material description: COATING

foamtubesolid material

elastomer binder siliconesiliconesiliconesiliconesilicone
conductive particles nickelAg/glassAg/CuAg/AlAg
coating strength   (Tol. +0,1)mm0,20,20,20,20,2
density 1  DIN 53479 Ag/cm³3,51,83,61,73,7
Shore-A hardness 2  DIN 53505 approx.± 66872647062
volume resistance   VDE 0303Ohm cm0,10,020,0080,080,01
temperature range°C-55/+200-55/+200-55/+125-55/+160-55/+200
elongation at break   DIN 53504-S1%7510512577106
tear strength   DIN 53504-S1N/mm²1,31,21,81,51,1
tearing resistance   ASTM D624BN/mm3,72,93,33,02,2
colour blackbeigebeigegraybeige
shielding effectiveness dB:      
H-field  10 KHz 7260676069
E-field   1 MHz 115100130100130
P-field   1 GHz 859011090110

    1  density decreases proportionally to the increasing outer diameter
    2  the Shore-A hardness decreases proportionally to the increasing outer diameter


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