Form In Place - Conductive RFI Gaskets

Combination Gasket    Compression Test

Compared to the solid bead made of conductive silicone, the combined bead consists of a soft, non-conductive silicone core. The outer casing is made of conductive silicone. Both materials are applied to the component with one single nozzle. The good compressibility of the sealing bead compensates casing tolerances and allows a low-force assembly of the casing parts. The combined bead is an alternative RFI version with the conductivity of the solid bead. Although the combined gasket has a non-conductive, soft core, it features the same electrical resistance values as the solid gasket.

Measuring apparatus: 
Measuring method:
Measuring stamp:
Bead dimensions:

Zwick BZ 2.5 / TS1S
Path with specified force
Æ 16 mm
3.4  x  2.8 mm (W x H)

Compression set:

Force in N


Compression force:

** non-conductive

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