Form In Place - Conductive RFI Gaskets

Combination Gaskets   A Summary of the Advantages

  • High rate of processing

  • Short set-up times

  • Fast availability

  • Reproducible quality

  • Individual profile design

  • Good compression set of the bead

  • Process stability through volume dosing

  • Flexible adaptation to the sealing contour

  • Consistent processing of pastes

  • Dosing process and positioning run freely programmable

  • Especially economic for pilot lots and small batch production

  • No tool costs compared to punched gaskets

  • No need to store prefabricated gaskets

  • Modular integration into the production processes

  • Pastes cure at room temperature

  • The bead compensates housing tolerances

  • Low sealing forces during assembly

  • 100% yield of paste

  • Soft and elastic gasket

  • Short product rotation times

  • Low-cost production
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